Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dear readers,
Death is inevitable, at one point or the other we have to die. We all lose people close to us and we always feel the gap. For instance my father was murdered when I was only eight months old. The story is that I cried from eleven o'clock to three in the morning....all this time my young mother has this cries from him. I cried during the whole time of the funeral preparation taking that as a whole week as my tradition dictates. Even when growing up I knew my father was murdered, how I found out I cannot remember. Did justice prevail?No, does that make me angry?No.Why? Because somewhere in destiny it was always said he would die on that particular day. Realising all this, what more can I do than live my life fully, pursue all this dreams that I want to achieve.
Nobody knows of tomorrow if we are still going to be alive, tell those whom we love how we truly feel, dance though you have two left legs. Just think of it this way, you don't love your job, or the course you are doing at school, stuck in a marriage where you are unhappy, and you die before changing all this things, you die as an unhappy person. Live that dream because yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here and today is all that matters. This very moment as you read this is all that counts. My dead father cannot come back neither is the people we have all lost through what's left is for us to live and give out the very best of our selves, be kind to one another, forgive each other and put on that smile coz it might be the light of another person. Breath,laugh and look at the sky, it might be the last time you see it.......xoxo....CW

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


So, in a world where many believe that to make it in the "entertainment" industry, you need to be rich or to know the who is who in the industry, I just want to make it being neither that.
Best believe it when I say am only an 18 year old but don't let age fool you.... I have lived longer than my years. So today, am just sitting near the computer and I finally decide to let go of my procrastination  and start this blog. What is the worst thing that can happen? I honestly got no idea of what it is that am doing but am going to give this my best shot. We all grow up thinking that being a doctor or an engineer is being successful or that the positions in the entertainment industry are not enough. I say let us all give it a try and see how it works. Young people don't want to talk sense in that they will be viewed as not being cool, so they would rather sit and just chill. Don't get me wrong, nothing is wrong about chilling, but what your mind is actually thinking about when chilling. That's where the problem then comes in. This is how I now know that I was probably not born in my era because that is what being 18 year old today means. When growing up I always wanted to be host at the Grapevines show that aired in KBC, I hope a lot of you will relate and remember that show or the Julie Gichuru of my time. Growing up just felt weird because once I told my teachers that, then they would look at me like am ridiculous. Now that am still learning about what life has to offer, guess what? Am going to chase after this dreams I had when in was younger...… cross my fingers and hope to die...….. xoxo...….. CW